Lets talk Games: Bioshock 2 Reveiw


Most of the gameplay is taken from the first game. You still have plasmids, only now you can use them without having to switch between the guns and plasmid. I was very disappointed with the gameplay. Most of my time was spent doing what felt like filler gimmicks. In every level you would have one or two  big Daddy’s. You would kill them and take their little sister, then find corpses to take adam from. Lastly you would take them to a wall vent to release the little sister. It was optional to do this, but it was practically necessary if you wanted to purchase a good amount of the upgrades. With this routine in every level, it became a chore instantly and got very stale. Also, after preforming these tasks a big sister attacks you. Not only that but this game seems a bit tougher than the first Bioshock , which adds frustration to preforming these tasks. It is so easy to die in this game and there are plenty of new enemies that can pwn you in seconds. Even the guns were unappealing in this game.


There is not much to tell as they only add a few characters to the lore of Bioshock. The story is based around a psychiatrist who is bringing new little girls from the surface to become little sisters. By far the story is not as appealing  and doesn’t really have any cool OMG! moments. Mind you, there are some cool parts in the game such as walking outside rapture on the ocean floor that creates some great atmosphere and seeing the world through the eyes of a little sister is something I won’t soon forget. The game still has some great atmosphere to it but sometimes it feels a little familiar.


The game looks only slightly better than the first game and requires an install. I have much more respect for a game when it looks great without an install. There were a lot of times where textures wouldn’t even load all the way. This left a lot of objects looking blurry. Anyway this game could have looked much better.

Rating: 7.25


Assassin’s Creed II Review

Gameplay: There are many similarities to the first title’s gameplay as expected . You run around in a sandbox title, doing missions and errands. However, much of what I had problems with in the first game has been resolved. No longer are the missions repetitive and dull(I don’t even want to count the number of citizens requiring saving in the first game). This game’s collection quests manage to not bore you as collecting feathers for your mother means a bit more than gathering 100 random flags. Finding codex pages that unlock health/weapons and the secret tombs sequences for Altair’s armor(best armor in the game) are actually something you don’t mind doing. The game has more Prince of Persia platforming moments that I welcomed and enjoyed. There is more variety in the combat, extra assassination assignments, and courier missions.

Graphics: While the game looks good, I’m disappointed in the need to install this title to the hard drive as games such as God of War III look great without an install.  As far as the graphics this game does perfectly fine. Each city looks significantly different than the others giving them their own personalities. The environments look very good and the models are well done, but not to the level of Uncharted 2 or Heavy Rain.

Story: Assassin’s Creed once again melds history with fiction, although with this title they added a little more science fiction.  This time around there is a lot more depth in the character you play as, and in return you feel more for him and his plight. I rather liked the ending to this game and it opened some interesting new windows.

Closing: This game as a whole is definitely worth your money and fixes all the problems that deterred from the first game.

Rating: 9.75

Let’s Talk Games: Darksiders

When I think about the game Darksiders, only one thought comes to mind: Awesome. No flaws strike me about the game, so let’s just get down to it.

Graphics: Although on both consoles, this game has a very clean look on the PS3 and is very pleasing to the eye visually. Everything appears fluid and seamless. The environments definitely carry that feeling of post-apocalyptic Earth and are very detailed. All the character designs in the game are very reminiscent of American comic books. Enemy designs keep your attention as both angels and demons are interesting.

Gameplay: It varies with many different gadgets and enhancements found throughout the game. They even have a nice nod to Portal. Each of the gadgets is used with an ingenuity for the vast amount of puzzles in the game. You’re in a free roaming world where you can explore dungeons and their secrets. I’m reminded a lot of old school Zelda pre-Windwaker with this. Hardcore players will enjoy collecting all the secrets this game has to offer. There’s so many aspects to the gameplay, that this has just about everything you can think of. The only complaint I have is that the block button is sometimes unresponsive.

Story: The apocalypse has started prematurely and one of the four horsemen is blamed. Throughout the game, you are trying to clear your name and figure out who started the apocalypse. Although this game might not have as much story as other games, it has just enough to keep you interested.

In closing, this is a game that everyone needs to purchase.

Rating: 9.75/10

Lets Talk Games: What I’m playing

Okay, so right now I’m replaying Devil May Cry 4.
I’m also still working on Darksiders and will have a review on that soon. So far it has been a great game and I’m loving it. My only problem is the block move that sometimes seems unresponsive.

Recently, I played Dante’s Inferno for the second time, started working on Dead space for the second time and finished a third replay of God of War 3 .

Peace Andi

Let’s Talk Games: Dante’s Inferno

Hey it’s Andi and I’m going to talk about Dante’s Inferno, which I recently bought.

First off, it has been called a God of War clone. While I can say that I agree with this assertion, the game does have a few things that give it its own identity.

Graphics: The character models are alright with moderate detail, but they look their best at a distance. Given that this is an action adventure title, most of the time you are looking at everything with a far off camera.

Environments: This game showcases hell in a truly great way. Inspired by the poem, the game has a lot of things to see that are truly morbid. When visiting almost all of the rings of hell you can’t really run through as you are trying to take in all the little details.

The only lackluster ring imho is fraud, but I’ll speak more of that later. Hell looks fantastic with great design choices. As for the monsters, they have a very cool, morbid feel to them. Truly, some of the monsters are shocking, which fits this title greatly. I mean come on its fucking hell.

Gameplay: Besides the GoW-like play, I loved the scythe and the holy cross(almost like a gun). The scythe proved very versatile and flexible as you unlocked more combos. I also liked the little touches, things such as scaling walls with the creature you are riding, the absolve or punish mechanic, and of course having two skill trees.

The only thing about the gameplay that I didn’t like was Fraud. Not only was there nothing interesting to see, but it was nothing more than challenge after challenge. I felt this section should have been an unlockable mode, but unfortunately it was in the game. This section made the game feel unexciting towards the end, so when you get to the final boss after, it makes you wonder if it really is the FINAL boss because you are hoping that there is still another awesome area waiting for you. But, no it was the end. This little factor though is not enough for me to can the game.

Dante’s Inferno has a lot to offer and if you are a fan of action adventure games I would recommend this for purchase.

Rating: 8.75/10